Top Kids Eats in Mudgee & Parkes

Top Kids Eats in Mudgee & Parkes

When travelling it’s sometimes difficult to satisfy everyone in the family food desires. When my kids were growing up our eating venue had to have at least 1 of 3 things; WiFi, hot chips and bacon – and if the venue had all 3 – we would probably return for a second meal on another day! Times have change, thank goodness – I promise eating out does, get easier as the kids grow up.

So based on my experience with my own children and my knowledge of Mudgee and Parkes region, here are Kirsten Accommodation’s our top spots to feed the kids & the adults!

Paragon Hotel Nuggets and Chips for Kids

Top Kids Eats in Mudgee ….

  1. Our Chow located at Burrundulla Vineyard: This is the perfect café for breakfast or lunch. Located on a vineyard so, terrific for the adults as you have a full beer, wine & cocktail menu along with the “little ones menu”. We highly recommend the home-made panko crumb chicken nuggets for the kids, complete with juice box, toy & lollies. The café provides an enormous variety of play equipment outside on the grass next to the vineyard. Truly the best place to feed the whole family for breakfast or lunch. Kids menu varies in price from $6 to $16.
  1. The Paragon Hotel Mudgee: Complete with kids playroom and the “little tuckers” menu has 4 items on the menu for kids for $10. This country pub ticks all the boxes for great value adult meals for price, size and variety. The robust furniture and space making ideal for family dining.
  1. The Lawson Hotel: With an excellent outdoor play area for the kids to climb and be imaginative in a couple of Lifesize boats next to the beer garden. Their kids menu has a big 7 items for $10. We highly recommend the Bangers and Mash – my kids favorite!
  1. Cade Kitchen: A little more ala carte dining for both adults and kids at Cade Kitchen Bar and grill. This venue boasts table service with linen serviettes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A full wine list, beer & cocktails for the grown-ups with amazing iced chocolate and kids pancakes. The kids menu items are $12.
  1. Out of the square Mudgee Café: Is highly recommended by the Kirsten Crew’s kids for milkshakes. A must stop! And their coffee is awesome too!
Kirsten Accommodation recommends Packed Cones Gelato Parkes

Top Kids Eats in Parkes ….

  1. The Paragon Café Parkes: Like stepping back in time to the 1950’s this café is decked out in booth seating, counter displays and images of Elvis and today’s collectable pop culture. The menu is old school too. The kids will love the milkshakes and soda spiders of every flavour. $5 hamburgers, $8 chicken schnitzels and most meal about $10.
  1. Packed Cones Gelato Parkes: Serving great quality gelato in the main street of Parkes from 12 noon until late. It’s a must stop and try for the kids and the inner kid inside!
  1. The Cambridge Hotel: For the older kids the $15 T- bone steak and $12 Chicken Schinztel is great value. Or if you like Thai – the chef is from Thailand who makes authentic and delicious Thai food. A must eat venue. This Pub is newly re-furbished with an enormous outdoor – but under cover beer garden. Plenty of space to relax and spread out with the family.
  1. Forbes Inn, Forbes: Only 15 mins drive from Parkes we highly recommend this pub for both kids & adults. A huge menu of classic pub meals and Thai. The Children menu includes 6 items and includes and ice cream for $12. Pool tables and plenty of TV’s to entertain you all.

Helpful to know….

Just in case you were wondering, both Mudgee & Parkes has McDonalds, Subway & KFC fast food restaurants!